Water Issues Around The World

Rashid Jan Ali

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Article 1
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/oct/11/20041011-123945-2567r/ Monday, October 11, 2004
Water is being sold in the price of 6 dollar in Hawaii. While the Hawaii is considered having huge quantity but large amount can put the future in danger. Companies like Koyo are getting water from deep part of Kona Ocean in Hawaii. The water plays a major role in tourist industry for Hawaii tourist economy. Bottled water is the tourist attraction for making huge profits since water from Kona contains ionized sodium, ionized chlorine, magnesium and calcium. In couple of years past government did not give permit to get water from the ocean. Couple of years it changed, bottled water made economy stronger for Hawaii. As a result many other companies started investing on Hawaii’s bottled industry. At current state government believe water will never run out in Hawaii. The point of view in this article is left wing point of view where it suggesting that government needs to strength bottled water policy and forget about their bias that water will ever run out in Hawaii because water is not sustainable.
Article 2

http://www.voanews.com/english/news/a-13-2005-03-17-voa34-67381152.html Jessica Berman | Washington March 17, 2005
Water can be a life form as same time it is the life threaten disease. Over the past couple of years many disease have been causing many deaths. Every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases. Poor water sanitation and a lack of safe drinking water take a greater human toll than war, terrorism. Africa and Asia many the water diseases at high number. Cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis A are caused by bacteria, and are among the most common diseases. The reason for the disease is the lack of knowledge in sanitation and use of water for multiple uses. Many developing countries such as Ethiopia are spending tons of money which holds them back in development. The United Nation had made their top MDG goal of water safety for all by 2015. However the way it is going it seems impossible.

Article 3
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7065095.stm Saturday, 27 October 2007
Pollution is creating a whole case of problem in China. The pollution in water is impacting greatly in their economy. China is spending 14.5 million in a five year project in Lake Tai. In addition 70% of water in China is polluted. Once the Lake Tai used to be the lake for tourism, but now it is the lake for pollution. In addition when scientist tried to take data and ask question to factory worker near Lake Tai, factory administrator called police and arrested scientist accusing them of thief. In reality all they were trying to find out the cause of pollution in Lake Tai. Even though government is trying to stop water pollution, local government more likely do not act against the polluters. The point of view in this article is let wing point of view where it is suggesting Chinese government need to be stricter if they are trying to improve china’s situation in pollution.

Article 4
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/28/business/energy-environment/28dubai.html?ref=waterpollution By LIZ ALDERMAN
Development is often the case of danger for water. The case is taking place is in Dubai. Dubai in couple of years improved a lot economically. However when improving economically they did not care about how it impacted their environment. As a result environment is getting impacted greatly. Many of Dubai drinking water is becoming undrinkable since waste from other business is being dumped into water sink. The main idea is business matters not environment. However in order to protect environment the changes are being made. For example in Abu Dhabi setting up water recycling and monitoring system in order to tackle the environmental disaster. The government has also started requiring new buildings to be designed using Western-style environmental standards that set goals for water and energy consumption. In contrast, maintaining a good system cost a lot of money and it hurting Dubai’s economy bad. As a result, Dubai is counting on to nuclear energy to make their resources sustainable. However, the use of nuclear energy could start a war against USA since they are questioning is Dubai creating nuclear weapon instead. The point of view is left wing. The article is suggesting major change need to be done by Dubai in order to save their environment which will be

economically safe and affordable.

Article 5
http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/africa/water-wars-ethiopia-and-kenya January 12, 2008
While first world countries complain about increase price in oil, low developing countries are facing water issues. Even though water is considered one of the basic need for lower developing countries it is considered as common good lower developing countries like Ethiopia and Kenya. Colonial era treaties granting rights to water from Nile tributaries to Egypt are leaving Ethiopian farms without access to irrigation. As dry seasons grow longer in the arid plains of Eastern Kenya and Ethiopia, tribal conflict over access to watering holes is on the rise. Many Western aid organizations have focused their efforts on improving water access but due to other problems water is left out.

Article 6
http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/12/01/us-water-protest-idUSTRE4B06UJ20081201 Mon Dec 1, 2008
Nestle water bottle company are using advertisement of positive image to mislead people. By watching the advertisement people believe the bottles have no environmental effect. How ever that not true. Bottles have very negative impact to in environment. From this advertisements environmental group in Canada issued a case against them. So the fight for water has taken a form of law and political issue. How ever Nestle is denying that bottle does not have any environmental impact.

Article 7
http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/water-scarcity-now-bigger-threat-than-financial-crisis-1645358.html 15 March 2009

Human in the future will be facing water shortages. How ever the way situation is going there is no way to turn back. Many fear water will take the form of Geo Political conflict. Water use has been growing far faster than the number of people. The report calculates, and this will rise to 3.9 billion more than half the expected population of the world by 2030. The changes already started to took place. China’s 60% of the city does not have enough water for demands. Meanwhile devastating droughts are crippling Australia and Texas which are first world countries. In addition, expects water conflicts started to break out in the Middle East, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Colombia and other countries. The point of view is left wing where it is asking to take major action against water supply to stop shortages of water for future generations.

Article 8
Published: October 27, 2010
The real face of water bottle is different. When buying a water bottle people assumes it is purified, clean and specially packaged. In reality, the water in the bottle is nothing but tape water. The amount of money when a person spend buying bottle water is mainly spend on packaging, labelling and shipping. The global consumption of bottled water reached 41 billion gallons in 2004, up 57 percent in just five years. Why it is so high? The reason is people get the model of water bottled being safe and pure. How ever bottled water has environmental impact. Plastic often destroys soils fertile in order to produce food.
Article 9
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/13/opinion/13mon1.html?ref=waterpollution Published: December 12, 2010
The article suggests the failure of preventing oil spill in USA. In the past there were many oil spill, recently just one took place in Gulf. Gulf is Unites states best resource for oil. However when building the oil project by a company nearly millions of dollar is spent toward of getting g the job done. In Gulf, millions of dollars spend to make sure oil deposition. However, when the oil was spilled in the water as a accident the oil company in Gulf had no action of how to stop if a oil spill happens on water. The oil spill on the lake of gulf was so dangerous that the damage still not been recovered. The point of view in this article is left wing point of view where it is asking for Oil Company to step up and make a change more to protect environment. However it may be hard since oil companies are building station to build more infrastructure even the cost of hurting environment.


prepaid-water-meters are only way to get safe water for people in Africa. Since water is very low in theses area paying for water is only way to save water. For people in Nigeria, Brazil if people don’t have money to pay for water they do not have water supply. Water is considered as basic need, how ever for people in Africa water is considered as a luxury. No water means no food. In desperate situation , people often drink contaminated water which caused lot of disease such as Cholera among the people. In order to keep up with water expenses many people often give up education and make their use of water very less.
Article 11
United Church in Canada is protesting against water privatization. Their main target is not to buy bottled water. The main assume is privatization of water makes it not a common good. Also bottled water has negative environment effects. In addition, water wars is the world are happening constantly. In order to encounter United Church creating petition by not buying bottled water. The point of view in this article is left wing where it is suggesting water privatization should be avoided.
Article 12
http://www.alternet.org/water/150111/u.s._launches_mission_to_privatize_water_in_india March 2, 2011
The political conflict between India and United States are at their heights. For past couple of years main goal for United States main goal is to privatize water in India. Main purpose is to gain more economic benefit for United States. In contrast, India sees it as an attempt to break right. Water is an essential thing for survival. Since India is a poor country for people to afford water and use it same time is nearly impossible. Despite that United States main goal is to economic gain and they don’t care if people have to suffer for lack of water.

Why the issue you have chosen is a world issue?
The reason I choose this as a world issue because water is essential for living. It represent life. Without water we can not live as a human being. Without water life, plants wont exist in the earth. Also water is considered as one of the important human need. But the most thing that impresses me to most is how water represent death. For water every year lot of people die. So water's other face can be death as well. In addition water is creating all sort of problem such as who has the right to water, fighting for its property. So over the time one of the important resource into health and sub political issue. That is why I choose water as my topic in world issue scrapbook.
How has the issue evolved over the time frame of your scrapbook?
The water evolved many way. One of the phases is the issue of pollution. Water has caused many pollution over the world. From pollution disease such as Cholera, Typhoid happened. Also water has created the issue of power. Over the couple article it discusses the Geo politic issue where water is seen as a resource to fight in Africa. Also water has created the issue of making it pay per use which created a negative to positive reaction around the world. In addition, in order to use less water the issue of nuclear power came to save power. In reality nuclear can do more harm than damage

Different Point of view
Point of view- The point of view in water is usually two. The two point of view Left wing point of view and right point of view. In the aspect of left wing of point of view. In the left wing point of view are the people who believe water is a huge problem. From all article collected issue of water is being considered as a serious issue of many countries. Starts with first countries such as Canada United Church starting a protest to stop buying bottled water. In addition, many people believe around the world that water privatization is wrong and it should be shut down. How ever right wing point of view would be the water privatized company such as Nestle. Their point of view is water privatization is the right way to save water supplies. Even though water bottles do damage they do not care if the bottles do any environmental damage. In addition, the big corporation has more power by paying government to let them do their business and pretend like nothing happened.

Interconnected Web
Political- Water follow the political aspect of interconnected web. Even though water can be seen as a more of an environmental effect. Water actually has a huge impact on political system. Over the past year oil spill has been common in many countries. For example In Gulf, United States government had to take immediate action against how to stop water spill. Also Dubai for example the government has to deal with the proper use of water. Governments main goal is how to make water safe and clean for the public. Recently United states is trying to create water privatization which created a great deal of conflict among Indian politicians. The main question is whether water is a selling factor or a human need? In contrast, China how ever is trying a different approach toward water problems. While Chinese Federal Government wants to get rid of companies from polluting Lake Tai but, in reality local government has the researcher arrested to stop them from shutting down factory. Also the water has taken the form of both violent and peaceful protesting. In Canada United Church going against water bottle by not buying the. In contrast all over the world the peace did not stay for water. War for water have already taken place in Sri Lanka, Hati and many other places in Africa. Egypt and Ethiopia war for water is one of the noticeable one. Egyptians are blocking water for Nile for them selves. As a result, Ethiopians farmers can not produce crops during dry season. Due to block Ethiopia and Kenya falls under the wreath of hunger and drought. How ever this is just the beginning many other problem will come and they will be more harmful than ever.

Economical- Water over the couple of year has taken the form of profit. Water now is considered as one of the value resource for profit right beside oil and gas. The economic gain of water start with water privatization. Water privatization does not consider water as a human common need, where it sees water as money making resource. The privatization already taken place in Brazil where people have to pay water meter. If people don’t have enough money to buy water they do not get it. As a result people in Brazil often gave up their education just to keep up with water expense. Also water does a devitalizing impact on economic success for a country. Dubai and China is a good example. While Dubai is getting ahead with his industry but, it created negative setback. Government has to clean the water supply pollution created by industrialized companies. The cleaning process deals with great amount of money. China's Lake Tai is on the same spot light where it has been polluted by factories. Once the lake used to be a attraction for Tourism but now Chinese government going to spend 14.5 million dollar to clear the lake. In contrast the money could have been used to end poverty, improve health and improve social program toward China's development. The bottled water is the key player in controlling the economic aspect of the water industry. They created a image of safe, clean and packaged image among people. The system they set up is conspiracy. In reality, they are trying to prove they have no power but behind scene they are the one who are pulling the plug and controlling how the water should be handled. For example In Hawaii water bottled are been sold $ 6 dollar with government encouraging more companies to come and do business in Hawaii. When the questioning of resource come government throws water will never end. Nestle is one of the major brand in water bottle. The are creating self image of safe and environment friendly to environment. In reality, that is not true. Water bottle do more damage than harm. The bottled industry created the image of water privatization and profitability. In future, water will be known as a product of payment not the product of common need.

Resource- Water connects to the resource issue. Over couple of years use of water increased. The global consumption of bottled water reached 41 billion gallons in 2004, up 57 percent in just five years. Why too much consumption? The reason is due to bias population believe water will never run out. People need to realize the water is sustainable an water will run out. The impact already started to take place in Africa such as Egypt, Ethiopia water is running out. People often faces the drought very often. Water is so limited that water has taken the form of privatization. How ever the privatization has caused many form of problems. First is the concern of health. People in Brazil for often drank contaminated water which gave them disease like cholera, typhoid and hepatitis B. Sometimes same water used for multiple use which is not very sanitary. Every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases. Water privatization also created the environmental damage. Even though water bottle are same as normal tape bottle but, people believe water bottle is safe. As a result, The global consumption of bottled water reached 41 billion gallons in 2004, up 57 percent in just five years. In addition, bottle does variety of negative impacts. Specially in environment, plastic bottle do a great of damage in the soil. It causes soil to loose it's fertility. Loosing soil fertility could jeopardize for food source. In addition, it has caused the nuclear use in Dubai. Dubai uses nuclear power to stop it's environmental impact. Unfortunately it had created more political rage between USA and Dubai for the use nuclear power. MSG’s goal of making water for everyone by 2015 will not come true the way situation to water resource now.

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