Independent Study Assignment – on-line Scrapbook

Step One
Collect original articles or video clips on ONE world Issues from a variety of sources. Be sure to include items from the Internet, newspapers, journals and magazines. The more varied the source of articles and information, the better the final project will be.
  • The articles should reflect a variety of viewpoints and NEW INFORMATION in each article. Avoid repetition!
  • Be sure to create a page of URLS as you acquire the articles.

The articles may be from June 2007 – June 2011. They must be on-line.

Step Two
Arrange the articles on the wiki page in chronological order. Create a title for your issue indicating what the issue is and under which major category you are placing the issue.

Step Three
Under each article link, include a précis of the article outlining the new information it provides. Point out the bias of the author if possible. This précis need only be a short paragraph. It simply outlines the information and point of view. It does NOT include your critique of the article.

Step Four
At the end of the selection of TWELVE (12) articles, you will write a synopsis of the issue. Your synopsis should include:
þ Why the issue you have chosen is a world issue?
þ How has the issue evolved over the time frame of your scrapbook?
þ What sides are involved in the issue? What are their viewpoints?
þ How does the issue relate to other categories? Recognize 3 pieces of the INTERCONNECTED WEB!

Step Five
Choose another person’s wiki page and review their work. After reviewing their work, create three questions that you feel need to be asked, globally about this topic. To whom would you address each of these questions? Post this in the discussion section of the wiki. Remember to identify the work you have reviewed.